During my five years as the Chief Human Resources Officer at Baylor University, I had the privilege to work closely with Janet Melancon. Her calm, thoughtful, and trustworthy approach to everything she did made her a role model for me and others. Janet possesses a unique ability to keep the big picture strategy in mind at all times while also ensuring that the day to day details are not overlooked. She has a personal drive to keep commitments and do things the right way. Because of Janet’s rich and diverse background in HR, counseling and professional coaching, she is able to step into almost any HR situation and hit the ground running. I can’t say enough good things about Janet.

John Whelan
VP & Chief Human Resources Officer
Baylor University

My experience with Janet as my coach has been wildly positive and has empowered me to be quite successful beyond my own initial thoughts of what is possible. As a small business owner, I have been empowered by Janet’s coaching techniques to visualize strategic business decisions that have increased my work and success rate 30%, resulting in new business and increased profits. I highly recommend Janet as a professional, business, or career coach to individuals and to teams of professionals who are committed to growth in any field. Janet is skilled in coaching employees who want a strategic partner to support growth to the next level of excellence.

Lisa Piazzola
Owner & CEO
Professional Learning Collaborative, L.L.C.

Janet served as the Interim Human Resources Director for the City of New Braunfels while we recruited for a permanent director (June – September 2017). For us, Janet was the right person at the right time. I had been contemplating a new approach to employee development and engagement, and Janet was able to lay that groundwork for the new direction and propel us forward in a short amount of time. Janet is able to see each individual’s strengths, and work with an employee to clearly show them how to utilize those strengths for the overall good of the organization. She is endlessly curious, creative and thoughtful in her approach. Really, the biggest compliment I can give is that we have continued to use Janet for mentoring and executive coaching even after the end of her engagement with us.

Kristi Aday
Assistant City Manager
City of New Braunfels, TX

As background to the following comments, I have over 50 years’ experience in organizations, including serving as a training manager for an international organization, Police Captain, Police Sergeant, and senior Army NCO. As such I’ve had the opportunity to work for many managers. Janet Melancon and I worked together at the Town of Flower Mound from 1999-2001 when she was HR Director and I was Training and Safety Coordinator. I knew her to be precise in the performance expectations of her staff, ensuring that they understood their roles and her continuing commitment to their development. If you have any affinity, even affection, for your job, she recognizes it and encourages your input. Janet challenged and encouraged me to develop my training and safety coordination skills. She is excellent in motivating her staff to perform at an outstanding level while supporting them in that effort. Should events offer me the opportunity to work for her in the future, I’d jump at the chance. I hold Janet’s leadership skills in highest respect and professional regard.

Robert (Bob) Mathis
Training and Safety Coordinator
Town of Flower Mound, TX

Janet Melancon served as Interim Human Resources Director at Paris Junior College from May to September, 2016. Her professionalism and experience allowed her to step in and be effective immediately and to keep the office running smoothly. During her time at the college, she assisted us in updating our evaluation system while handling day to day operations of the office. Her broad experience provided an opportunity for the college not only to have someone functioning at an exceptional level as HR Director but to provide a consulting expertise to help us improve the day to day operations of the college.

Dr. Pamela Anglin
Paris Junior College

As the HR Client Relationship Manager assigned to the Athletics Department at Baylor University, Janet was very effective at balancing the needs of our department with maintaining the necessary steps and processes expected by the University. Janet’s approach to building the client relationships was to be a positive and supportive influence which made her truly valued and highly effective in her role. I always knew that Janet would be timely, highly professional and effective at finding solutions. One of the best that I have been around.

Todd Patulski
Deputy Athletics Director
Baylor University

I enjoyed working with Janet Melancon while she served as Interim Director of Human Resources with the City of Athens from January-May 2016. Janet had an immediate and positive impact on our processes and day to day operations for HR. She is a problem solver, and her ability to turn otherwise challenging situations into successes was especially helpful. Janet also provided her expertise while also supporting our Police and Fire Departments through the complexities of Texas’ civil service statutes. Even after Janet’s interim service concluded with the City of Athens, she remained an accessible and valued partner to our organization. As City Manager, having Janet work alongside me during a season of transition for several key leadership positions and provide her wealth of knowledge and expertise was truly valuable.

Philip Rodriguez
City Manager
City of Athens, TX

In 2010-11, Janet completed her 300 hour counseling practicum in the Office of Career Counseling at Baylor University. She quickly became proficient in interpreting Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory. Her years of experience in human resources was extremely beneficial to students as she guided them in exploring careers. Her caring and positive belief in a student’s ability to succeed was always evident. Janet was able to engage with each student she counseled on a personal level. Her professionalism and strong work ethic made her an asset to our career counseling team.

Pat Carney Weaver, LPC, LPC-S
Director of Career Counseling
Baylor University

I had the privilege of working for Janet while I was employed with the Town of Flower Mound from 1998 until 2001. Janet’s role was Human Resources Director and I was the Human Resources Analyst. I often wondered why Janet gave me some projects when I might have felt it was not my usual responsibility. Later in my career when I would update my resume I would think about everything I was adding to it and they were all things I had worked on or accomplished in Flower Mound. Janet was a great leader and mentor, and was always supportive of our career growth and development. I appreciate Janet all the time for the opportunities and learning experiences she gave me!

Carolyn Nivens
Human Resources Analyst
Town of Flower Mound, TX

The coaching process with Janet was organic and self-directed. I gained a deeper understanding of my professional strengths as well as identified areas where there was the potential for growth. These insights were instrumental in helping me revamp my resume and polish my personal presentation in a professional setting. I absolutely credit the coaching process with helping me go through the successful application and interview process for my current position, which I consider to be my dream job. I recommend Janet’s coaching service to anyone who would like to reevaluate their career path, refocus on their current position, or just spend time on personal development to continue to grow professionally.

Mendie White
Sustainability Manager
City of Lewisville, TX

It was my pleasure to serve alongside Janet Melancon for seven years during her tenure at Baylor. Janet brings a positive, enthusiastic, thorough and inclusive approach to her work with excellent follow-through. Her broad experience and education along with her developed skills, knowledge and ability make her a valuable and versatile asset to the team and organization. I experienced collaboration, teamwork and problem solving as an enjoyable endeavor with Janet. Feedback from her clients was favorable for all these same reasons. Janet benefitted them and me!

Richard Amos
Director of Compensation & Benefits
Baylor University

I had the pleasure of working with Janet during her service on the Texas Municipal Human Resources Association Board of Trustees. Janet is a consummate professional with a service heart. I have seen her leadership in action on important state matters and her calmness under pressure. Throughout the state of Texas Janet is recognized for her integrity and leadership skills. Her wide scope of HR experience gives her a solid background that many will benefit from through her coaching engagements and HR Consulting practice.

Jim Parrish
Deputy City Manager
City of Plano, TX

I appreciated working with Janet through the coaching process. Our conversations prompted me to think about what I can do to move forward. I like how we talked things out and I was able to bounce ideas off someone else. It was helpful that Janet recapped our conversations, and she appreciated and celebrated the things I was able to accomplish. Janet’s expertise helped me think through the options, stay focused on my goals and be accountable in achieving them.

Michele Anderson
Academic Advisor
Baylor University

My friendship with Janet began as part of a business relationship at Baylor University. I was serving as Senior Vice President of University Development and Strategic Initiatives while Janet served as Human Resources Liaison to my area of responsibility. Her competence, expertise and willing-spirit made our working relationship a real pleasure. Janet always represented the highest standards of professionalism as she helped me navigate the business needs of a very complex organization. She is truly an extraordinary professional with a kind and genuine heart. I wholeheartedly endorse Janet to any organization, company or governmental entity that has need of her services and knowledge.

Kenneth L. Hall, PhD
Senior VP, University Development and Strategic Initiatives
Baylor University

I can attest that Janet is an awe-inspiring coach who genuinely cares about her clients and helps them navigate changes, transitions, and soul-crushing heartbreak. I am where I am today because Janet nurtured in me the belief that I can be more than I ever thought possible.

Tina Libhart
Waco ISD

I worked with Janet at the City of Waco on health insurance and wellness initiatives. She is very thoughtful, sees the big picture, and cares passionately about accommodating the interests and needs of all employees. Janet consistently works to transform opportunity into action, and does so with integrity and creativity. I recommend Janet to organizations who will benefit from her expertise and sound judgment.

Jarrad Wills
Vice President/Shareholder
Holmes Murphy & Associates

Through coaching, Janet took the time to get to know me and she helped me look at areas of my life that I wanted to improve. She showed me the importance of taking time to reflect on what I want, examine what was holding me back, set specific goals, and achieve them. Janet helped me to improve both personally and professionally, and I’m forever grateful for her expertise!

Lesa Bush
Assistant Director of Education and Programs
Mayborn Museum, Baylor University

Ms Melancon is one of those rare staff members I would hire again immediately. She served as Burleson’s Director of Human Resources and upgraded the department into a professional and up-to-date legalized human resources operation. She assessed the needs, worked up proposals for updating the department, presented those proposals to management, and moved forward to implement the needed changes. She accomplished this wide variety of technical upgrades without making anyone angry or upset. That, as you may well realize, is quite an accomplishment. She was able to work successfully with all levels of employees and management staff, consultants, and the elected officials of Burleson. I had complete trust in Ms. Melancon, not only with her personal ethics and integrity but also her high-level quality of work product. She is more than an asset to any organization; she is a gift.

H. Kay Godbey
City Manager
City of Burleson, TX